10-Hour Intensive Training: Taoism
to Apr 14

10-Hour Intensive Training: Taoism

Much of the theory we use in our practice is based on the ancient principles of Taoism. We use theory to support living in a body with more imagination, perception and insight. Taoism challenges us to release our personal grasp on reality and attune ourselves to the universal laws of the natural world.

In this training, we will explore our consciousness through the lens of Taoist theory. We will study nature and its patterns to gain insights into our own patterns and we will move through asana, pranayama and meditation practices in order to engage with Taoism in a practical framework.

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10-Hour Intensive: Restorative Yoga
to Feb 11

10-Hour Intensive: Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a dialogue with one’s inner self, a conversation with the nervous system, a refinement of the container (the body), a set of techniques and ideas to move currency through personal turf. Teaching it has to include a way of seducing each student inward to be alone with themselves for the duration of the class. Restorative practice in a public class also endorses a good home practice; this workshop is for teachers looking to reckon with this theory and assimilate it into their teaching and for students who have already doused themselves in our material to more deeply profit from it.   

In this intensive we will learn how to set up conditions for this adventure.  This will include:

  1. Mastering the set-ups of the restorative poses

  2. Learning their specific therapeutic benefits

  3. How to teach students the occupation of their imaginations while being in each pose

  4. Troubleshooting for when students arrive with injuries, physical complaints and emotional demands

  5. Ideas for sequences to teach

Saturday & Sunday, February 10-11, 2018 (2-7pm). Sign up for this intensive here.

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3:30 PM15:30

Fall Restorative Practice (with Dara Sendowski)

Autumn is a time to turn inward, to finish projects set forth in spring and summer, to slow down and prepare for winter. It is a time to reflect, gain insight and wisdom as we conserve our energy during the darkest and coldest time of year.

In this workshop we will move through a series of poses that facilitate the transition from the Yang energy of Spring and Summer to the Yin nature of Autumn and Winter. We will explore the elements of Metal and Water, which rule the Lungs and Kidneys, the organs most affected during this time of year.

This workshop is for students and teachers alike who wish to cultivate a restorative practice and learn how to adapt to the rhythm of the seasons for longevity and wellbeing.

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